Sand and Sun

Day at the Beach



Kick off your shoes

Come rain or shine, you've made it to the beach.
It's time to start relaxing and enjoy your time. To start, kick off your shoes.
Feel the sand between your toes.
Embrace the instability of the ground that you walk on. Head closer to the water for solid footing.
Gather your family and race them as far as you can. It is a well-known fact that you run faster on the beach, barefoot, wind in your hair.
Finally, chase the waves into the water and feel the inevitable chill of the ocean as it hugs your ankles.


Blast that playlist

Once you've exhausted the initial thrill of arriving on the sand, claim your piece of ground by placing a towel down.
This is your area for the rest of the day so choose wisely.
Find your phone and hit play on your favourite summer playlist.
Make sure you sit away from other groups.
While you think the music greatly improves the vibes, you might just ruin their day.
Your phone may get a little bit sandy if the wind blows, but it's a small price to pay.
Close your eyes and soak up the sun. Allow the music to lift your mood.


Grow your collection

Bored of swimming and relaxing, it must be time to grow your shell collection.
Scour the shoreline for those perfect shells. Hopefully, you can find a rare one fully intact.
If you find a closed clamshell, make sure you throw it back in the ocean. Someone lives there and you don't want to disturb them.
When you get back home, you can put the shells in flower pots or garden beds for some unique decoration.


Hidden treasure

While looking for seashells, you might uncover something a little more precious and shiny.
Look carefully because this hidden treasure could be right under your nose, easily buried by a soft breeze blowing tiny grains of sand.
Some people bring metal detectors specifically to find this treasure but all you really need is hope and determination.
Maybe you'll even find enough to trade for some ice creams before you go home.


The perfect snack

Eventually, someone will call you back from your discoveries and waiting for you is a snack buffet, everything from crisps to icy-poles. Why not dive in?
Secretly, the best snack is the hot chips from the fish and chip shop nearby. The perfect amount of salt and potatoey goodness.
Eventually, they'll cool down but that just means you can eat them faster.
Sometimes the wind might blow some packaging away but soon it can become a game.
Another race along the shoreline.


Hydration is key

You'll need something to wash down your feast, hopefully you brought some lemonade.
The sugary sparkle is simply the icing on the cake, perfectly completing the meal as well as rehydrating you for any further adventures or games
If it's a special day, you might have even brought cordial instead.
Cordial always seems to taste slightly better on a hot summers day. Maybe it has to do with how colourful it is.


Time to build

Having replenished your energy, you know have to complete the beach tradition of building sandcastles.
Grab your bucket and spade, and go to the waterline with your friends.
The best method is to use some of the harder sand from near the water as a base and build up around that.
If you choose the right spot, the waves may come in and flood the moat you build surrounding the tower.
Some of your seashells could even act as decoration or royal banners.


A secret message

While you wander the shoreline, keep your eyes open. Something special might wash up.
A secret message carefully protected by a glass bottle.
Make sure you read it. It has traveled a very long distance only to wind up at your feet.
Whoever it was intended for, the ocean chose to deliver it to you.
You can decide whether to keep the contents secret, for only your eyes to see.

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